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Featured Projects

Point Lepreau

LMC/QUALMEC worked with Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) on the massive refurbishment project at the Point Lepreau Nuclear Power Station in southern New Brunswick.

This project was led by Carl Tremblay, and Fred Bouchard, Project Manager. "LMC was proud to provide labour and equipment for re-tubing, supervision and other related services for the mechanical portion of the reactor refurbishment," says Carl Tremblay. "We are one of the first companies in Canada to do this kind of highly technical work. Developing these specialized erection and welding techniques has prepared us for other similar projects in the Northeast and around the world."

The Point Lepreau Generating Station is the first of the world's fleet of CANDU 6 reactors to undergo a refurbishment. The main activities include the replacement of all 380 fuel channels, calandria tubes and feeder pipes as well as other station maintenance work. Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) is the main contractor and the original designer of the station. The Point Lepreau Generating Station provides up to 30 per cent of New Brunswick's electricity and is one of the lowest cost generators on NB Power's electrical system.

Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal

In October, 2006, under the leadership of Styve Dumouchel, CEO, LMC/QUALMEC was awarded a contract for the mechanical erection of three 160,000 cubic-meter storage tanks in Canada's first liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal constructed in Saint John, New Brunswick.

“LNG tanks are more complex than typical storage tanks and use advanced welding procedures. The inner tank is made of nine per cent nickel alloy steel,” says Mr. Dumouchel. At peak, more than 250 workers were employed on the project by LMC.

"The expertise required to construct these tanks is significant and the fact that we have many local companies working on the site is a testament to the expertise readily available right here in the region," says Jorge Ciacciarelli, General Manager of Canaport LNG.

Canaport LNG is a partnership between Irving Oil Limited and Spanish energy giant, Repsol. Canada's first LNG receiving and regasification terminal now supplies up to 1.2 billion cubic feet of clean-burning natural gas per day to northeastern markets via Emera's Brunswick Pipeline and its connection with the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline.

Nickel Processing Plant

Canadian mining company Vale INCO. constructed a major processing facility at Long Harbour, Newfoundland to produce finished nickel product mined from the Voisey’s Bay deposits. This construction budget was close to US$ 3 billion and during operations the plant will employ nearly 500 people. Construction of the Long Harbour Processing Plant is expected to generate approximately 5,750 person-years of employment.

LMC/QUALMEC was awarded the contract to construct one of the buildings on site to help house the processing plant. This is LMC/QUALMEC’s first job in Newfoundland. With this foray into the province, we are well poised for additional industrial projects being developed in Newfoundland and Labrador.


Additional Projects

DSO Timmins Site, TATA Steel / New Millennium Iron - Schefferville, QC / Labrador
Completion Date: Spring 2014

The DSOT Project is an iron ore mining project. Iron ore will be mined from open pit mines and trucked to the Timmins processing plant. Lorneville Mechanical is responsible for the construction of the Primary and Secondary Sizing Crushing units and their associated material handling equipment.

Unloading Arm & Piping

Completion Date: Fall 2014

Master Mechanical fabricated and installed 3,100 feet of 30” pipe from the existing Canaport facility to the CLNG Jetty Head. A new FMC Unloading Arm is being added by LMC in this project to allow Crude Unloading.

Spring 2014 Turn-Around

Completion Date: Spring 2014

Scope of work included replacing all internal packing In both Atmospheric and Vacuum Towers in the 4th Crude Unit Plant 420. Also replaced all roof tube hangers on both crude furnaces and replaced 1/3 of the wall tube hangers on the Atmospheric Furnace. And installed new T/I’s in both Furnaces. RFCCU Unit Plant 425: Replaced two lower packing beds on the frac tower. Pulled and cleaned and hydro tested several heat exchangers. Work Force: Approximately 370 Trades, primarily Boilermakers.

CP-84 Ore to Picadilly, Sussex, NB
Completion Date: January 2013

LMC (Master Mechanical) was contracted to install piping and equipment within the existing PCS Penobsquis Potash Wet Mill. The new infrastructure allows ore to be pumped to the new Picadilly mine for commissioning and to allow tailings from the new mine to be pumped to the existing mine and be stored underground. LMC (Master Mechanical) installed stainless steel, carbon steel rubber lined, Fiberglass reinforced and High Density polyethylene fusion welded piping. Large tanks, pumps, cyclones and specialized equipment were also installed under this contract.

Alstom Fundy Tidal Power Project Turbine Augmenter, Saint John, NB

Completion Date: 2013

In conjunction with a government sponsored initiative Alstom Hydro is undertaking to install a 1 MW unit on the ocean floor in the Bay of Fundy designed to generate electricity from Tidal Currents. FORCE a government sponsored organization is responsible for laying the connection cables. Alstom is responsible for the design, construction and installation of the unit. LMC has completed the fabrication of the Augmenter. It houses the generator and is approximately 45 feet in diameter x 22 feet wide x 156 Tonnes. 

Picadilly Mine Air Building, Sussex, NB

Completion Date: December 2012

LMC (Master Mechanical) was contracted through Cementation at the PCS Picadilly Mine expansion to fabricate and install process piping in the new mine air building. The project included the installation of stainless steel chilled water piping, placing pumps and equipment, installing cooling coils and the erection of a large cooling tower. LMC (Master Mechanical) also installed the natural gas and propane piping.

JDI Lake Utopia Biomass Boiler

Completion Date: March 2011

LMC was the primary mechanical contractor for the Construction of a Wellons 4-Cell 110/140,000 PPH Wood-Fired Boiler System with Electrostatic Precipitator. Upon completion of civil foundation work Mechanical Construction occurred over a period of approximately 6 months. This included the erection of the boiler building, fuel delivery system, boiler and electrostatic precipitator. The Biomass boiler was installed to provide plant steam to the adjacent corrugated medium mill.

Design, Fabricate and Install Waste Spent Acid Condenser , IOL Saint John, NB

Completion Date: Fall 2011

Scope of this project included the Fabrication and Installation of the Haldor Topsoe WSA Condenser as well as all of its associated Ductwork. Timelines of the project were very aggressive from the beginning due to the rapidly deteriorating condition of the existing unit and the urgent need for its replacement. A review of the design of the unit was required to ensure all applicable North American codes were complied with. Also, gas ducting was redesigned to be ASME compliant due to lethal nature of the transported gases. The installation scope involved the demolition and removal of existing ducting and WSA Unit as well as its subsequent replacement with a new WSA unit and associated ducting. This work was performed in parallel with normal maintenance work on the other equipment in the acid recovery plant such as the electrostatic precipitator, the combustor, the SO2 reactor, the salt drum and other equipment. Despite numerous challenges associated with technical nature of the project and aggressive timelines required the project was successful on all fronts: Safety, Quality, Schedule and Budget.

Supply & Install Stainless Steel Filtrate Tank Irving Pulp & Paper, Saint John, NB

Completion Date: March 2011

Part of long range plan of client to increase production at their Pulp Mill. Existing Filtrate tank removed and upgraded to larger tank. Process Design by Stantec. LMC contracted to complete detail design of tank to API650 Standard also responsible for design of transportation and lifting fixtures. Tank was shop fabricated in four sections and fully fitted in shop prior to shipping to site. Tank was shipped in four pieces: Two tank halves and two half roof sections. Field installation by LMC Personnel.

Rougher Floatation Banks PCS Picadilly Project, Sussex, NB

Completion Date: Fall 2010

The Rougher Floatation Banks were built by LMC in Saint John in 2010. There were a total of four (4) Floatation Banks supplied each with five (5) mixing bays. The tanks were 316L stainless steel construction with ¼” FRP Launders. The design criteria was: Indoor, Maximum Height of Slurry (From Base) of 78.25”, Content S.G. of 1.5, Flow Rate = 15,150 Cu. Ft./Hr (429 Cu. Meters/Hr), Operating Internal Air Pressure of 6.0 PSI (42 KPA). The Floatation Banks had to be continuously supported beneath both sides of the vertical wall section.

Mechanical Equipment Install

Completion Date: Fall 2009

Lorneville Mechanical Contractors was responsible for the installation of the Mechanical Equipment for the Canaport LNG facility. The scope of work included the installation of the four main unloading arms; the submerged liquid natural gas pumps, emergency generators and fire suppression system along with other miscellaneous items. The marine unloading arms are designed to accommodate the extreme tides of the Bay of Fundy. As a result they are among the largest in the world. The size of the arms along with the configuration of the jetty combined to increase the complexity of this job. Through the utilization of safe work practices and good technical planning Lorneville Mechanical successfully executed this project.

High Pressure Pump Modules

Completion Date: Completed 2009

Lorneville Mechanical Contractors was responsible for the supply and installation of eight (8) High Pressure Pump Modules and the associated mechanical equipment. Each module weighed 120,000 pounds and was 45 feet long x 18 feet wide x 19 feet high. The modules were yard fabricated and shipped to site. The scope of supply included the preassembly of the structural steel including fireproofing, piping, electrical instrumentation, pump and insulation. LMC also designed the lifting plans and transported and erected the modules on site. Steel and piping raw materials were supplied by client.

Unloading Jetty and Plant Piping

Completion Date: Fall 2009

Master Mechanical (a wholly owned division of Lorneville Mechanical) installed all the pipe spools for the Unloading Jetty. SCV Piping was spooled in their fabricating facility and installed on site. A heavy-haul access road from their fabricating facility to the Canaport LNG site facilitated the shop fabrication/shop assembly of a number of modules/assemblies for this project. High Pressure Pump Skids, 120 Foot long x 24” Diameter Pump Columns were among some of the items. Site productivity performance led to project wide support for all piping related installation work.

Target 60 2009 Fall Turn-Around

Completion Date: Fall 2009

LMC, through extensive pre-planning and engineering, successfully completed one of the largest turnarounds in its history. With a total work force of 490 trades people LMC completed its portion of the project on time and on budget. LMC’s scope of work included removing and replacing the fractionator tower internals. The internal cyclones on both the 1st stage regenerator and the reactor were removed and new cyclones were installed. In addition the rough cut external cyclones, risers, standpipes and cross over piping were all replaced. “It's a testament to the hard work and commitment to safety of those involved that our people were able to execute the project without a lost time injury, We’re thankful to our employees, contractors, and community for their outstanding support throughout the project.“ Mark Sherman, Refinery General Manager.

Hydro Quebec La Tuque, QC

Completion Date: 2009

Project consisted of the Refurbishment of three 80 MW Francis Units. Work involved the replacement of embedded components, Installation of new turbine and generator rewind.

Grandview Cogeneration Trans-Canada Energy, Saint John, NB
Completion Date: 2007

Complete installation of two – 70 MW Gas Turbines including all piping and Start-up.

Installation of Calcinating Equipment Irving Pulp & Paper, Saint John, NB

Completion Date: 2006

Scope of the project included the installation of an Andritz Lime Kiln measuring 3.4 meters in diameter by 76 meters long as well as all the associated equipment for the lime bulk handling system. LMC also designed and fabricated a 34 cubic meter lime silo, designed and fabricated a 316SS Causticizer and erected the Electrostatic Precipitator. The erection of the Lime Kiln presented a major technical challenge due to the limited work space. LMC’s innovative solution involved the use of hydraulic jacks to place the equipment in lieu of standard practice involving the use of overhead cranes.

Hydro Installation JD Irving St-George Hydro, NB

Completion Date: 2005

Project consisted of the Installation of two new 7.5 MW Horizontal Kaplan Units Including Penstock, Intake and Draft Tube Gates, Spillway Gate, Trash Raker and Controls.

Design, Fabricate & Install Flue Gas Breaching System

Completion Date: Completed 2004

Lorneville Mechanical Contractors was hired by NB Power for the design, fabrication and installation of the Flue Gas Breaching System for the Coleson Cove 900 MW Thermal Plant Upgrade Project. LMC’s used fabricated modules to gain efficiencies in field construction activities. Large modules were fabricated in our shop and shipped to site for installation. A summary of the modules produced for this project is given below: • Six (6) units, 150 feet long x 21 feet in diameter x 140 Tons • Eight (8) units, 110 feet long x 21 feet in diameter x 110 Tons • Twelve (12) units, 60 feet long x 21 feet in diameter x 40 Tons. LMC’s approach to rigging allowed for the positioning of large components beyond the reach of cranes which was another critical factor in the success of this project.

Installation of Born Hot Oil Heater & Two Foster Wheeler Package Boilers, Interquisa Refinery, Montreal

Completion Date: 2003

Lorneville Mechanical Contractors was hired by Born Canada for the complete installation, testing and commissioning of a 12,000 BTU/Hour/ft2 Furnace and two Foster Wheeler Boilers. This furnace was one of the critical elements within the Interquisa Refinery in Montreal, Quebec. On this project LMC was also responsible for the supply and installation of all the interconnecting piping, installation of ducts and fans and all grouting.

Emera Energy – Bayside Generating Station

Emera Energy owns and operates Bayside Power a 290 MW Gas-Fired Combined Cycle Power located in Saint John, NB. Bayside Power is considered the most thermally efficient unit in the Maritimes Region. Lorneville Mechanical has executed a numerous projects associated with this unit including three C-Inspection Outages and other repair and replacement maintenance activities.